“The View” is almost 1000m2 of unique area, consisting of two levels to ensure the highest quality of clubbing, designed in the spirit of the architecture of New York and strictly referring to the atmosphere of the best places in this city.

The club is located on 28 and 32 floor of Spectrum Tower, one of the most modern office buildings in Poland, in the heart of Warsaw at Twarda 18 street.

To the club enters by two panoramic lifts. The Floor 32nd floor (rooftop) with 360 degrees offers a panorama view of Warsaw and as such is the highest observation deck in Poland. It provides fun for almost 500 people. There is a DJ booth, circular bar, 28 tables with sofas providing 200 seats. An added attraction is the VIP section consisting sitting loges for 50 people.

On the floor 28th there is an illuminated onyx bar, dance floor and a DJ booth. An additional attraction is two terraces with tables and sofas. The first is with a fireplace and the other one boasts a fountain. You will find also beautiful VIP zone for 50 people.

The View was nominated by the New York Times as one of the best places to visit in Warsaw. The Warsaw Insider in the competition “Best of Warsaw” awarded the prize for The View as a Trendsetter 2015. The club is a very popular place for business, media, fashion people, trendsetters and celebrities.