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Price of the lodge

Lodge Price Location
Lodge 4-seater 1200 PLN near the dance floor
Lodge 5-seater 1000 PLN
Lodge 6-seater 1200 PLN
Lodge 6-seater 1500 PLN near the dance floor
Lodge 7-seater 1500 PLN
Lodge 10-seater 2000 PLN
Lodge 12-seater 2500 PLN
Lodge VIP 5-seater 1500 PLN
Lodge VIP 10-seater 3000 PLN
Lodge VIP 12-seater 3600 PLN

Contact for reservations

+48 663 971 942

Mon. - Thu.: 10.00 - 18.00
Fri.: 12.00 - ∞
Sat.: 14.00 - ∞

Terms of reservation

  • the price includes an admission ticket for the number of people in the lodge
  • the amount provided is entirely for use on alcohol consumption
  • we add a 10% service to the invoice
  • the lodge reservation is valid until midnight
  • we do not use open bar offers on weekends
  • on special events the price is subject to change
Club regulations
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